You can install Rhombus by trafficking the ad-server friendly version Rhombus in a 1x1 within Ad Manager, formerly known as DFP.

Please ensure you have the Rhombus Script including your correct SiteID. Your script/site ID is provided by your account manager. If your SiteID was provided separately, please add it in place of '1234567' in the first line of the script.

2. Setup the Creative

  • Navigate to Ad Manager and select 'Creatives', found in the 'Delivery' section. 

- Click 'New Creative' and assign it to Rhombus as the advertiser (or a similar internal name)

- Select 'Third Party' as the type of creative.

  • Paste the ad-server friendly code with your correct SiteId into the 'Code Snippet' field.
rhombusSiteId = 123456;
if(window.frameElement !== null) window.top['rhombusSiteId'] = rhombusSiteId;

(function() {
           var gads = window.top.document.createElement('script');
           gads.type = 'text/javascript';
           gads.id = 'rhscript';
           gads.src = 'https://cdn.rhombusads.com/js/rh.min.js';
           var node = window.top.document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
           node.parentNode.insertBefore(gads, node);

  • Set the Target ad unit size to 1x1 and uncheck the 'Serve into SafeFrame' box. 

Important! SafeFrame MUST be unchecked!

-Save the new creative

3. Create a line item in Ad Manager for Rhombus and ensure that the Rhombus script fires in a placement that covers the pages you want Rhombus on.

To improve load time and performance, place the DFP placement tag right after the opening <body> tag.

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