At Rhombus, one of our key values is that our ads are on high-quality, reliable content from premium publishers and marketers alike. We constantly strive to create a wonderful user experience for marketers, publishers, and readers.

To do this, we’ve developed some advertising guidelines to help you understand what can (and cannot) be promoted via Rhombus.

Please keep in mind, Rhombus reserves the right to reject or block any content for any reason at our sole discretion, even after post-launch, if we feel that it compromises the safety or quality of the user experience. If you encounter any content that violates our guidelines, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact

Rhombus Ads Cannot Include:

● An Individuals Name, Photo, or Personal/Brand Assets.
● Nudity or sexual imagery
● Weapons
● Drugs or drug paraphernalia
● Imagery that is designed to provoke, offend, or shock
● Circles or Arrows placed to highlight a specific part of the image
● Violence, gore, or dead bodies
● Graphic images of physical deformities or health conditions
● Zoomed in body parts
● Profanity, offensive, or sexually suggestive textQuality & Appearance
  No promotion or sale of adult products
● Content that encourages high-risk investments or money-making schemes
● No Payday Loans or Cash Advance Loans
● No Penny Stocks
● No herbal supplements that mimic the effects of illegal substances
● No weight loss supplements

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