Using the User Permissions feature on your Publisher Dashboard is a great way to organize multiple people within the same account.

Add a new user and allocate permissions 

1. From the navigation bar, go to Settings > Admin

2. Under the "Users" section, click the Create New button 

3. Add your new user's name and email address. Then allocate their permissions, choose from:

  • View Only
  • Edit + View
  • Admin 

What's the difference between Edit + View and Admin?
access allows the user to add new people to the team. 

4. Click the submit button once you have added all the details. 

This will send an invitation to the user to create their Rhombus account.

All done! You have now added a new user and allocated their permissions.
Note: To change a user's permissions, you will need to delete their account and resend an invite with their new permissions. 

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