The Site Manager is where you can choose where you want to include and exclude Rhombus's ads. 

Note: By default, Rhombus automatically excludes embeds with explicit content. 

Accessing your Site Manager 

1. From the navigation bar, go to Site Manager 

2. If you have more than one site, you can switch between them from the top of the page, or just click All Sites 

Blacklist Items

To let Rhombus know you do not want ads served around a certain platform, near a hashtag, account or URL, you will need to add it as a Blacklist Item on the Site Manager page.

1. Find the category of the item you would like to exclude, you can choose from:

  • URL Exclusions - this will stop your ads from appearing on certain pages. You can use  *  to exclude multiple pages at once.
  • Keyword and #Hashtag Exclusions - this will prevent Rhombus ads from appearing around certain keywords or hashtags.
  • Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Account Exclusions - this will exclude specific accounts from showing Rhombus ads.
  • Spotify and Soundcloud Artist Exclusions
  • Platforms

For the example above, you would go to Keyword and #Hashtag Exclusions and click the + New Blacklist Item button

2. Here you would add any keyword or hashtag that you don't want your ads by. 

Tip: Typing your word then hitting "enter" on your keyboard will add it to the list. 

3. Save your changes by clicking Publish 

All ready to go! Note: It may take between 5-10 minutes for your changes to appear live. 

Tip:  To delete any exclusions, click the 'x' next to the tag you want to delete. Then click Publish to save. 

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