Want to use Rhombus's embed targeting for your own direct sold campaigns? The Campaigns feature will let you do this.

Creating and Customizing your Campaigns 

1. From the navigation bar, go to Campaigns

2. Click the Create New button 

This will open the New Campaign form

3. Customize your new campaign by adding details such as:

  • Name 
  • CPM (Cost per (1000) Impressions) 
  • Upper Banner (548 x 318)
  • Lower Banner (548 x 94)
  • Destination URL

4. Add your Targeting, which include:

  • Keywords and #Hashtags
  • @Accounts
  • Platforms
  • Geo Targeting
  • Day Parting

5. Add any other campaign notes, then click Submit

6. You will see that your campaign is now Pending Approval. Now, you'll just need to wait for a member of Rhombus to approve your campaign for you!

Note: If your Campaign is Denied you should receive a message explaining why

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