You can install Rhombus by trafficking the ad-server friendly version Rhombus in a OOP unit within Ad Manager, formerly known as DFP.

Please ensure you have the Rhombus Script including your correct SiteID. Your script/site ID is provided by your account manager.

2. Setup the Creative

  • Navigate to Ad Manager and select 'Creatives', found in the 'Delivery' section. 

- Click 'New Creative' and assign it to Rhombus as the advertiser (or a similar internal name)

- Select 'Third Party' as the type of creative.

  • Paste the ad-server friendly code with your correct SiteId into the 'Code Snippet' field.
rhombusSiteId = 1234567;
rhombusOOPViewUrl = '%%VIEW_URL_UNESC%%';
if(window.frameElement !== null) {
    window.top['rhombusSiteId'] = rhombusSiteId;
    window.top['rhombusOOPViewUrl'] = rhombusOOPViewUrl;
(function() {
           var gads = window.top.document.createElement('script');
           gads.type = 'text/javascript';
           gads.id = 'rhscript';
           gads.src = 'https://cdn.rhombusads.com/js/rh.min.js';
           var node = window.top.document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
           node.parentNode.insertBefore(gads, node);

  • Set the Target ad unit size to OOP and uncheck the 'Serve into SafeFrame' box. 

Important! SafeFrame MUST be unchecked!

-Save the new creative

3. Create a line item in Ad Manager for Rhombus and ensure that the Rhombus script fires in a placement that covers the pages you want Rhombus on.

To improve load time and performance, place the DFP placement tag right after the opening <body> tag.

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